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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to install iPhone Ringtones

How to install iPhone Ringtones guide:

Welcome to the "How to Install Ringtones on the iPhone the Free and Easy Way" tutorial. In this tutorial we will present the easiest way to install custom ringtones
on the iPhone for free (all versions).

What you need :

  • Your iPhone
  • Desired ringtone file (m4r)
  • iTunes 12 or higher
"How to install ringtones on the iPhone" steps :

1. Connect your iPhone to the PC using your USB cable.
2. Make sure you have a ringtone with the .m4r extension. I.e. : Ringtone.m4r

You can convert any mp3 file to a m4r file using iTunes. Follow this guide to do it : How to convert mp3 to m4r.

3. After you have your ringtone ready, open iTunes, select the three dots from the upper left corner, and select Tones.

4. Drag your desired ringtone into this window as shown in the image. I.e.: Navigate to the location of the m4r file, and just drag it :).

Click to zoom in.

Congratulations ! You can now sync your iphone and select your favorite ringtone. Just get your iPhone and go to "Settings" -> "Sounds" -> "Ringtone" -> Your Installed Ringtone.

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Anonymous said...

I followed this guide once before with success, so I'm baffled as to why I'm having a problem now! I believe that I'm successfully converting my mp3 file to an m4r, but then I cannot get the file to register itself as a ringtone or to transfer to my iphone. I get a message saying that the file was not transferred to the iphone because it can't be played. Wtf is going on?? Wah, help?? Sandra (sandrabendeer79(at)

PS: Huge thanks!!

S said...

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S said...

Now let's do Android smartphone
Downloaded ringtone
Not working. Thanks

kaley said...

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Caroline Smith said...

Thanks for great tutorial. I'm a junior mobile apps developer and it's very interesting for me. Actually I didn't know about it before.
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Anonymous said...

Brilliant - a straight forward help sheet that actually works!

Anonymous said...

The old guy is doing something wrong. All steps seem to work fine. However I cannot find the ringtone in sounds (anywhere) on the IPhone after Sync. I copiesdown to PC, but I cannot find, even in MUSIC on IPhone. Also as you can see I dont kkow if anyone is still here or will answer :-)

Peery Misty said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the instruction. One last step: After step4, you need to sync the new tone to your iphone. While you are in the tone page, select the phone icon to navigate to your iphone page, hit the sync button to sync the new ringtone to your iphone. Hope these help.

10x said...

that is right. thanks a lot for this. i can't believe it's not easier to install an iphone ringtone...

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