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Monday, January 11, 2010

How To Install iPhone Themes

How To Install iPhone Themes tutorial

Hello and welcome to this tutorial. In this guide you'll learn how to install iPhone themes on a jailbroken iPhone. It's very easy to do, so don't worry. This is what you'll need :
  • your iPhone
  • iPhone Browser - freeware from Google. Very good software.
  • Internet Connection for your iPhone
How to install iPhone themes steps :

1. Download a theme on your PC, it will probably be a .zip or .rar archive. Extract your theme from the archive. A new folder will appear. We will use it later.
2. Connect to the internet using your iPhone. Open Cydia and install Winterboard.
3. Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB. Download and install iPhone Browser on your PC (freeware application from Google). Now run it and select "Goto Location"
from the upper tab, and : "Winterboard Themes". Like in the picture.

iphone themes

4. Now, from the PC, drag the folder which contains your theme files (the one from step 1.) to the iPhone Browser window, in the empty space (white side on the right). Like in the picture.

how to install iphone themes

5. Open Winterboard from your iPhone. If you copied the folder correctly you can see it in the list. Select it, now exit Winterboard. After a few moments you can see your newly installed iPhone theme ! Congratulations.

If you have further questions or suggestions on how to install iPhone themes, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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