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Saturday, August 21, 2010

iPhone 4 Problems

Houston, we have a problem !
Most common iPhone 4 problems discussion.

It's been a few months since the iPhone 4 was released, sending people into frenzy. Not long after it was released, people started reporting a strange problem with the phone. It seemed that holding it incorrectly would affect signal strength. Apple released a statement saying that the way users are holding the phone is WRONG ! Thise came as a shock, of course. That wasn't really a good solution now, was it ?

Another area with problems regarding the iPhone 4 is the wifi. Other users commented on battery problems, it seems that the battery runs down very fast. Surely it's the way you're holding it !
Hardware problems aside, the biggest software problem with the iPhone 4 is that is has no flash support. Meaning no flash videos from the web. Yay !

These are the most common iPhone 4 problems users complained about shortly after the phone was released. If you encounter other iPhone 4 problems, feel free to contact us and we'll add them to the article. Hopefully you won't have unpleasant surprises !

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fanclub said...

Let us know if you have any other problems, discover bugs or anything else.

naveed said...

please help me about my iphone 4g that my touching system have been very slow but i dont know why?no virus and other restriction please help me

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